About Us

Fruitful Music Group is a multi-genre music company based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Established by artist manager, record producer, music business entrepreneur and former Universal Music Group executive, Zach Scott, through our three divisions, we provide artist management, music production, record label and music publishing and administration services to music artists and songwriters.  Fruitul Music Group works with artists and songwriters in the country, adult contemporary, R&B and pop genres.

Artist Management & Development

As a premier artist management company, Fruitful Music Group's artist management division manage and develop the careers of musical recording artists and entertainers.  As an artist management firm, career planning and guidance, daily strategies and tactics, business development and negotiations, team assemble and management, publicity, marketing and promotion and A&R and creative services are just some of the artist management services we provide to our artist management clients.

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Music Production & Record Label

As a top music and record production company and record label, Fruitful Music Group's music production and record label division discovers, develops and produces artists and their recorded music projects.  By maximizing the recording, creative and A&R process, administering recordings, securing record deals, release and distribution and marketing, promotion and publicity are just some of the ways we assist and work with artists in producing their projects.

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Music Publishing & Administration

As a top music publishing company, Fruitful Music Group's music publishing division works to discover, develop and generate revenues and royalties from songwriters and administer their songs and musical compositions.  We represent, develop and work with artists who are also songwriters and professional songwriters who don't desire to be performing or recording artists.  Depending on the songwriter's needs, we provide exclusive songwriting deals, co-publishing deals, single-song deals and publishing administration deals.

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We're here to make a difference for music artists and creators

Fruitful Music Group works to assist and enable music artists and songwriters to build their careers, create the music, reach their goals and establish the legacies they've always dreamed of.  Tired of working with a different artist every few month, former Universal Music Group executive, artist manager and record producer Zach Scott, Fruitful Music Group was founded to work long term with artists and songwriters who we believe in.  When we choose to work with an artist or songwriter, we believe in them, their music, their talent, their vision, their goals, dreams and plans.  We want to provide the services, expertise, assistance and guidance, that artists and songwriters need to reach both their long term goals and their short term goals.

We're professionals but we're also professional music fans

As music business professionals, we have the experience, backgrounds and expertise that enables us to provide our clients with the best service.  While we're professionals, we're also huge fans of many different music styles, genres and artists.  As fans ourselves, we have a unique perspective that enables us to understand what our client's fans expect and want from our clients and their music.  As fans, Fruitful Music Group is also able to understand, support and assist our music clients in ways that other fims may not, while effectively maintaining our professionalism, expertise and objectivity to provide the best and most effective service to our clients.