Artist Management & Development

As an artist management company based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Fruitful Music Group's artist management and development division works to manage and develop the careers of music and recording artists, bands and entertainers.  We are a multi-genre music management company and manage music artists and bands in the genres of country, adult contemporary, R&B and pop.  As a top artist management company and agency, some of the artist management services we provide to our artist management clients include the following:

Career Planning, Advice & Guidance

Planning and mapping out an artist's goals and strategies is critical to an artist's long term success, no matter if you're in the beginning or nearing the end of your professional career as an entertainer or music recording or performing artist.  An artist manager or artist management company should work with artists to continuously plan, advise and guide the careers of their artists.  As a top talent management company in the music business, we help artists by discussing, developing and thoroughly understanding their professional and personal goals, objectives and needs.  We follow that by working with the artist to prioritize their goals and establishing the best reasonable timeline for accomplishing the artist's goals and objectives.  In addition, we work with the artist to assist them with establishing and completing the weekly and daily strategies of the artist's career plans and goals.

Day-to-day Strategy

Day-to-day strategy and task management is an equally important part of managing and assisting an artist.  Coordinating and booking performances and tour dates and details, establishing and maintaining a schedule for performance rehearsals, songwriting appointments, studio recording sessions, radio station or press interviews and fan meet-and-greets are all just some of the ways we assist artists with day-to-day strategy and task management.   We also assist artists by acting as a buffer between the artist and the outside world by fielding, vetting and performing due diligence on any incoming business inquiries and opportunities as well as developing those potential, and often neccessary, opportunities.

Business Development & Negotiation

Business development and negotiation for music artists and bands is a major part of artist and band management.  Whether fielding incoming inquiries or seeking out new opportunities for artists, developing business relationships and income opportunities for our artists, we work to provide and negotiate the best business opportunities for artists.  This includes seeking out or vetting record label deals,  music publishing deals, product or commercial endorsements, sponsorship opportunities for touring and more, touring, performance or personal appearance agreements, including movie or television appearances, and many more.  We also assist to take the heat and deliver the bad news on behalf of artists, as well as negotiating, developing, managing and assembling your key team members.

Team Assembly & Management

Assembling and managing an artist's team and its members is a key component of music artist management and something the best artist managers do.  This includes introducing artists to potential best fit team members for an artist as well as selling artists to potential team members, including negotiating, hiring and firing of team members, as well as managing the personalities, disagreements, moods and daily and weekly activities of the members of an artist's team.  Key team members often include record producers, booking agents, business managers, attorneys, record labels, backing band members, backing vocalists and publicists and marketing consultants.

Publicity, Marketing & Promotion

Overseeing and managing an artist's promotional, marketing and publicity campaigns and activities is a vital part of artist management, no matter if you're an independent artist or signed to a record label.  We assist artists with developing, preparing and approving the use of marketing, promotional and publicity plans, strategies and materials like, photos, graphics, flyers, biographic information and similar materials.  In addition, we supervise and make sure artist's records and tours are appropriately marketed and promoted by making sure the artist's record labels, concert promoters and any independent marketing, promotion or publicity consultants hired by the artists treat the artist and their projects and goals as priorities.  We also provide in-house marketing and publicity consulting services to artists through our sister company Fruitful Media Group.

Music Production & Record Deals

Assisting artists with producing the music and records is another critical part of artist or talent management whether you have a record deal, want a record deal or want to remain independent.  We assist artists with selecting and hiring the best record producer(s), introducing artists and pitching or shopping artists and their recorded music projects to record labels, or helping artists set up their own record labels or production companies if they want to remain independent.  In addition, we assist artists with negotiating or establishing distribution of their albums or projects through physical music retailers,  digital music retailers like iTunes and streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.  We also assist artists with record deals and production through the music production division of Fruitful Music Group.

Music Publishing & Administration

Assisting artists who are also songwriters with their music publishing is another aspect of music or talent management.  We assist artists in shopping and finding the best music publisher for them and assisting in negotiating the best publishing deal for the artist, whether it's an exclusive songwriting deal, a co-publishing or a publishing administration deal.  In addition, we also assist artists with setting up and establishing their own publishing companies if they choose.  We also provide music publishing services to artists through the music publishing division of Fruitful Music Group.

A&R and Creative Services Assistance

Working with artists to assist them with their A&R and other creative services in one more major aspect of artist management.  We assist artists by helping them find and select the best fit producers for the artist, their goals and projects with meeting and introductions, as well as assisting with negotiating the artist's deal with the producer.  We also assist artists in finding and selecting the best songs to record through evaluation of the artist's songs, co-writer introductions and seeking outside songs from music publishers and songwriters.  In addition, we also help artists with their other career creative needs like selecting and developing music videos, photographs, graphics, as well as introductions, hiring, firing and negotiations for video directors, photographers, graphics, set and merchandise designers and other creative support  personnel and consultants.