Music Production & Record Label

As a music and record production company and record label based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Fruitful Music Group's music production, Fruitful Music Group's music production and record label division discovers, develops and produces the artists and their recorded music projects for recording artists and entertainers.  We produce and develop artists in the genres of country, adult contemporary, R&B and pop.  The following are just some of the ways we work with and assist artists in producing and developing artists and their recorded music projects:

Maximizing the Recording, A&R and Creative Process

Maximizing the A&R, creative and recording process is likely the most important aspect of the music production process.  We provide artists with the advice, guidance, tools and assistance that enables artists to make the music, recordings, albums and projects they envision while reaching and impressing the most of the artist's desired target audience.   This is all accomplished without compromising the artist's artistic integrity and vision, no matter whether their target audience is record labels, radio, current or potential fans, or all the above.  We accomplish this by assisting artists in finding and selecting the best songs and record producers for their projects, selecting the best recording studios, equipment, engineers, musicians or background vocalists, arranging the music and vocals, getting the desired sounds and best performances recorded and mixing and mastering the tracks and songs.

Administration of Music Recordings

Administrating the recordings and recording process is another very critical aspect of music production.  This includes having a complete understanding of the financial, budgetary and timeframe requirements involved in completing the project for the artist and then coming up with the project's budget.  In addition, we assist artists with completing the album or project within the budget and on time.  This includes the administrative tasks of booking or renting the recording, mixing and mastering studios and equipment, as well as hiring and paying the recording, mixing and mastering engineers, studio musicians and background singers or vocalists.  Finally, we also assist artists by completing, keeping track and filing the necessary agreements, contracts, union forms, cue sheets, album credits and other necessary forms and paperwork.

Release, Distribution & Record Deals

Whether an artist wants to self-release and distribute their album or project through their own record label or get a record deal and work with the label and use the label to release and distribute the album or project, Fruitful Music Group assists artists with release, distribution and getting record deals.  This can include assisting the artist in picking the best distributor to release their music project or album, whether it's a major distributor for physical and digital distribution or a digital only distributor.  In addition, when appropriate we assist artists with shopping and pitching the artist in getting the best record label deal for the artist.  When the artist desires a record deal, we have the established relationships with the key personnel at the appropriate labels to assist artists in achieving their career goals relating to release and distribution of existing or future recorded music projects and albums.

Marketing, Promotion & Publicity

Whether the artist wants to hire outside marketing, promotion and publicity consultants, or work with their own record label's marketing, promotion and publicity staffs, Fruitful Music Group's music production division can assist artists.  Whether the artist is working with a label or not, we can recommend the appropriate marketing, promotion and publicity expert consultants or professionals for the artist to effectively market, promote and publicize their album or project.  We can also assist in getting an artist in front of the key record label executives and decision makers in order to assist the artist getting the best record deal for marketing, promotion and publicity of existing or future recorded albums or projects.