Music Publishing

As a music publishing company based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Fruitful Music Group's music publishing division works to discover, develop and generate revenues and royalties from (i.e., exploit) songwriters and their songs and musical compositions.  We specialize in music publishing primarily for the genres of country, adult contemporary and pop.  We develop and work with artists who are also songwriters (i.e., artist-writers) and professional songwriters who don't desire to be performing or recording artists.  Depending on our songwriter's needs, we provide exclusive songwriting deals, co-publishing deals, single-song deals and administration deals.  As a music publisher, we provide the following services to songwriters:

Exploitation & Recording of Songs

Exploiting songs so that they generate revenues for their creators, including royalties and licensing fees is the most important aspect of a music publisher's duties.  In order to achieve this, music publishers plug, pitch or shop the songs in their catalogs to various users of the songs and compositions, including new or established recording artists and their record labels and record producers, film, television and advertising producers and production companies, music supervisors, video game developers and any others who may need original songs or compositions for use in their projects.  If a song is chosen to be used, an appropriate license is negotiated and issued between the publisher and the user.  Once a song is licensed and recorded it may then be made available for sale or distribution to the public or broadcast or performed publicly.  The sale, broadcast or public performances will result in the earning of revenues through licensing fees, mechanical royalties and public performance royalties for both the songwriters and the publishers of the composition.

Music Publishing Administration

In addition to overseeing the exploitation and recording of the original songs in the catalog, administering the songs in the catalog is equally important.  This includes registering the copyright of each song or composition in the catalog with the U.S. Copyright Office and protecting the copyright in the song against unauthorized use or infringement.  We also assist writers by negotiating and issuing licenses to users who want to record or use the songs by selling, broadcasting or publicly performing the songs.  In addition, we collect the licensing fees, mechanical or other royalties on behalf of the songwriters and distribute them to the songwriters.